Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

libdrawtext 0.4_1 Library for anti-aliased text rendering in OpenGL
libdshconfig 0.20.13 Distributed shell library
libdsk 1.4.2 Library for accessing discs and disc image files
libdv 1.0.0 Codec for DV video encoding format
libdvbpsi 1.3.1 Library to decode/generate MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables
libdvdcss 1.4.1 Access DVDs as block devices without the decryption
libdvdnav 6.0.0 DVD navigation library
libdvdread 6.0.0 C library for reading DVD-video images
libebml 1.3.5 Sort of a sbinary version of XML
libebur128 1.2.4 Library implementing the EBU R128 loudness standard
libedit 20170329-3.1 BSD-style licensed readline alternative
libelf 0.8.13_1 ELF object file access library
libepoxy 1.5.0 Library for handling OpenGL function pointer management
liberasurecode 1.5.0 Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable backends
libestr 0.1.10 C library for string handling (and a bit more)
libetonyek 0.1.7 Interpret and import Apple Keynote presentations
libetpan 1.8 Portable mail library handling several protocols
libev 4.24 Asynchronous event library
libevent 2.1.8 Asynchronous event library
libewf 20140608_1 Library for support of the Expert Witness Compression Format
libexif 0.6.21 EXIF parsing library
libexosip 4.1.0_1 Toolkit for eXosip2
libextractor 1.6 Library to extract meta data from files
libfabric 1.6.0 OpenFabrics libfabric
libfaketime 0.9.7 Report faked system time to programs
libffi 3.2.1 Portable Foreign Function Interface library
libfishsound 1.0.0 Decode and encode audio data using the codecs
libfixbuf 1.8.0 Implements the IPFIX Protocol as a C library
libfixposix 0.4.3 Thin wrapper over POSIX syscalls
libflowmanager 3.0.0 Flow-based measurement tasks with packet-based inputs