Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

m-cli 0.2.5 Swiss Army Knife for macOS
m2c 0.7 Modula-2 to C compiler
m4 1.4.18 Macro processing language
mac-robber 1.02 Digital investigation tool
mackup 0.8.16 Keep your Mac's application settings in sync
macosvpn 0.3.5 Create Mac OS VPNs programmatically
macvim 8.0-145 GUI for vim, made for macOS
mad 0.15.1b MPEG audio decoder
madplay 0.15.2b MPEG Audio Decoder
mafft 7.313 Multiple alignments with fast Fourier transforms
magic-wormhole 0.10.5 Securely transfers data between computers
magnetix 3.1 Interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls adventures
mahout 0.13.0 Library to help build scalable machine learning libraries
mailcheck 1.91.2 Check multiple mailboxes/maildirs for mail
mailhog 1.0.0 Web and API based SMTP testing tool
mailutils 3.4 Swiss Army knife of email handling
mairix 0.24 Email index and search tool
make 4.2.1_1 Utility for directing compilation
makedepend 1.0.5 Creates dependencies in makefiles
makefile2graph 1.5.0 Create a graph of dependencies from GNU-Make
makeicns 1.4.10a Create icns files from the command-line
makensis 3.03 System to create Windows installers
makepkg 5.0.2 Compile and build packages suitable for installation with pacman
makepp 2.0 Drop-in replacement for GNU make
makeself 2.3.1 Make self-extractable archives on UNIX
mal4s 1.2.8_6 Malicious host finder based on gource
malbolge 0.1.0 Deliberately difficult to program esoteric programming language
mame 0.194_1 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
man2html 3.0.1 Convert nroff man pages to HTML
mandoc 1.14.3 The mandoc UNIX manpage compiler toolset