Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

perl-build 1.13 Perl builder
perl@5.18 5.18.4 Highly capable, feature-rich programming language
pev 0.80 PE analysis toolkit
pex 1.20140409_3 Package manager for PostgreSQL
pg_top 3.7.0_3 Monitor PostgreSQL processes
pgbadger 9.2 Log analyzer for PostgreSQL
pgbouncer 1.8.1 Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pgcli 1.9.1 CLI for Postgres with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
pgdbf 0.6.2 Converter of XBase/FoxPro tables to PostgreSQL
pgformatter 3.0 PostgreSQL syntax beautifier
pgloader 3.4.1_1 Data loading tool for PostgreSQL
pgpdump 0.32 PGP packet visualizer
pgplot 5.2.2_5 Device-independent graphics package for making simple scientific graphs
pgpool-ii 3.7.3 PostgreSQL connection pool server
pgroonga 2.0.5 PostgreSQL plugin to use Groonga as index
pgrouting 2.6.0 Provides geospatial routing for PostGIS/PostgreSQL database
pgtoolkit 1.0.2 Tools for PostgreSQL maintenance
pgtune 0.9.3 Tuning wizard for postgresql.conf
phantomjs 2.1.1 Headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API
phoon 04A Displays current or specified phase of the moon via ASCII art
phoronix-test-suite 7.8.0 Open-source automated testing/benchmarking software
php 7.2.4_1 General-purpose scripting language
php-code-sniffer 3.2.3 Check coding standards in PHP, JavaScript and CSS
php-cs-fixer 2.11.1 Tool to automatically fix PHP coding standards issues
php@5.6 5.6.35_1 General-purpose scripting language
php@7.0 7.0.29_1 General-purpose scripting language
php@7.1 7.1.16_1 General-purpose scripting language
phplint 3.1-20180416 Validator and documentator for PHP 5 and 7 programs
phpunit 7.1.4 Programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP
physfs 3.0.1 Library to provide abstract access to various archives