Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

s-lang 2.3.1a Library for creating multi-platform software
s-nail 14.9.10 Fork of Heirloom mailx
s-search 0.5.12 Web search from the terminal
s3-backer 1.4.4 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
s3cmd 2.0.1 Command-line tool for the Amazon S3 service
s3fs 1.83 FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
s6 Small & secure supervision software suite
safe-rm 0.12 Wraps rm to prevent dangerous deletion of files
sagittarius-scheme 0.9.1 Free Scheme implementation supporting R6RS and R7RS
saldl 39 CLI downloader optimized for speed and early preview
saltstack 2018.3.0 Dynamic infrastructure communication bus
samtools 1.8 Tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data
sane-backends 1.0.27_4 Backends for scanner access
sary 1.2.0 Suffix array library
sassc 3.5.0 Wrapper around libsass that helps to create command-line apps
savana 1.2 Transactional workspaces for SVN
saxon XSLT and XQuery processor
saxon-b XSLT and XQuery processor
sbcl 1.4.6 Steel Bank Common Lisp system
sbjson 5.0.0 JSON CLI parser & reformatter based on SBJson v5
sblim-sfcc 2.2.8 Project to enhance the manageability of GNU/Linux system
sbt 1.1.4 Build tool for Scala projects
sbt@0.13 0.13.17 Build tool for Scala projects
sbtenv 0.0.14 Command-line tool for managing sbt environments
sbuild 0.7.7 Scala-based build system
sc-im 0.7.0 Spreadsheet program for the terminal, using ncurses
sc68 2.2.1 Play music originally designed for Atari ST and Amiga computers
scala 2.12.5 JVM-based programming language
scala@2.10 2.10.7 JVM-based programming language
scala@2.11 2.11.12 JVM-based programming language