Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

torsocks 2.2.0 Use SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor
tox 3.0.0 Generic Python virtualenv management and test command-line tool
tpl 1.6.1 Store and retrieve binary data in C
tpp 1.3.1 Ncurses-based presentation tool
trace2html 2015-07-07 Utility from Google Trace Viewer to convert JSON traces to HTML
tracebox 0.4.4 Middlebox detection tool
tractorgen 0.31.7 Generates ASCII tractor art
traefik 1.5.4 Modern reverse proxy
trafficserver 7.1.3 HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server
trafshow 5.2.3_1 Continuous network traffic display
traildb 0.6 Blazingly-fast database for log-structured data
transcrypt 1.0.3 Configure transparent encryption of files in a Git repo
translate-shell Command-line translator using Google Translate and more
translate-toolkit 2.3.0 Toolkit for localization engineers
transmission 2.93 Lightweight BitTorrent client
trash 0.8.5 CLI tool that moves files or folder to the trash
trash-cli Command-line interface to the trashcan
travis 1.8.8_2 Command-line client for Travis CI
tre 0.8.0 Lightweight, POSIX-compliant regular expression (regex) library
tree 1.7.0 Display directories as trees (with optional color/HTML output)
treecc 0.3.10 Aspect-oriented approach to writing compilers
treefrog 1.21.0 High-speed C++ MVC Framework for Web Application
trezor-agent 0.9.2 Hardware-based SSH/GPG agent
trr Type training program for emacs users
truecrack 3.5 Brute-force password cracker for TrueCrypt
truncate 0.9 Truncates a file to a given size
tsung 1.7.0 Load testing for HTTP, PostgreSQL, Jabber, and others
tta 2.2 Lossless audio codec
ttf2eot 0.0.3 Convert TTF files to EOT
ttf2pt1 3.4.4 True Type Font to Postscript Type 1 converter