Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

unittest 0.50-62 C++ Unit Test Framework
unittest-cpp 2.0.0 Unit testing framework for C++
uniutils 2.27 Manipulate and analyze Unicode text
unixodbc 2.3.5_1 ODBC 3 connectivity for UNIX
unnethack 5.1.0-20131208 Fork of Nethack
unoconv 0.8.2 Convert between any document format supported by OpenOffice
unp 2.0-pre7-nmu1 Unpack everything with one command
unpaper 6.1_1 Post-processing for scanned/photocopied books
unrar 5.6.1 Extract, view, and test RAR archives
unravel 0.2.2 Command-line client for Clojure REPLs
unrtf 0.21.9 RTF to other formats converter
unshield 1.4.2 Extract files from InstallShield cabinet files
unyaffs 0.9.6 Extract files from a YAFFS2 filesystem image
unzip 6.0_3 Extraction utility for .zip compressed archives
upscaledb 2.2.0_7 Database for embedded devices
uptimed 0.4.0 Utility to track your highest uptimes
upx 3.94 Compress/expand executable files
urbit 0.4.5 Personal cloud computer
urdfdom 1.0.0_1 Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) parser
urdfdom_headers 1.0.0 Headers for Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) parsers
urh 2.0.0_2 Universal Radio Hacker
uriparser 0.8.5 URI parsing library (strictly RFC 3986 compliant)
urlview 0.9-20 URL extractor/launcher
uru 0.8.1 Use multiple rubies on multiple platforms
urweb 20170720 Ur/Web programming language
usbmuxd 1.0.10_1 USB multiplexor daemon for iPhone and iPod Touch devices
userspace-rcu 0.10.1 Library for userspace RCU (read-copy-update)
utf8proc 2.1 Clean C library for processing UTF-8 Unicode data
utimer 0.4 Multifunction timer tool
uudeview 0.5.20_1 Smart multi-file multi-part decoder