Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

webpack 4.1.1 Bundler for JavaScript and friends
websocketd 0.3.0 WebSockets the Unix way
webtorrent-cli 1.11.0 Command-line streaming torrent client
weechat 2.1 Extensible IRC client
wego 2.0 Weather app for the terminal
weighttp 0.4 Webserver benchmarking tool that supports multithreading
wellington 1.0.4 Project-focused tool to manage Sass and spriting
wemux 3.2.0 Enhances tmux's to provide multiuser terminal multiplexing
wesnoth 1.12.6_5 Single- and multi-player turn-based strategy game
wget 1.19.4_1 Internet file retriever
wgetpaste 2.28 Automate pasting to a number of pastebin services
whatmask 1.2 Network settings helper
whatmp3 3.8_2 Small script to create mp3 torrents out of FLACs
when 1.1.37 Tiny personal calendar
whirr 0.8.2 Set of libraries for running cloud services
whitedb 0.7.3 Lightweight in-memory NoSQL database library
whohas 0.29.1 Query multiple distributions' package archives
whois 5.3.0 Lookup tool for domain names and other internet resources
widelands build19_8 Free real-time strategy game like Settlers II
wifi-password 0.1.0 Show the current WiFi network password
wiggle 1.1 Program for applying patches with conflicting changes
wiki 1.4.0 Fetch summaries from MediaWiki wikis, like Wikipedia
wildfly-as 11.0.0.Final Managed application runtime for building applications
willgit 1.0.0 William's miscellaneous git tools
wimlib 1.12.0 Library to create, extract, and modify Windows Imaging files
wine 3.0 Run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows
winetricks 20180217 Download and install various runtime libraries
winexe 1.00 Remote Windows-command executor
wiredtiger 3.0.0 High performance NoSQL extensible platform for data management
wireguard-tools 0.0.20180304 Tools for the WireGuard secure network tunnel