Support library for ZX Spectrum emulator

Current versions

libspectrum requires the following formulae to be installed:
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries
libgcrypt 1.8.2 Cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG
glib 2.56.0 Core application library for C
audiofile 0.3.6_1 Reads and writes many common audio file formats

Reverse dependencies

The following formula requires libspectrum to be installed:
fuse-emulator 1.5.1 Free Unix Spectrum Emulator

Recent formula history

ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
ilovezfs libspectrum 1.4.1
ilovezfs libspectrum 1.4.0
Tomasz Pajor libspectrum 1.3.4
Viktor Szakats libspectrum: use secure head url

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