Map JSON to QVariant objects

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Revision: 1

qjson requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.9.6 Cross-platform make
qt 5.9.2 Cross-platform application and UI framework

Formula history

ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
Mike McQuaid qjson: rename qt5 to qt.
Miguel Araújo qjson: fix audit about sourceforge link
ilovezfs qjson 0.9.0
ilovezfs Revert "qjson: migrate to boneyard (#7017)"
Mike McQuaid qjson: migrate to boneyard (#7017)
Alex Dunn qjson: add HEAD
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Jaime Marquínez Ferrándiz Batch convert http download urls from SourceForge to https
Victor Martinez Fixed several broken sourceforge.net download locations
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