Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code
http://www.swig.org/ Also known as: swig@3.0

Current versions

swig requires the following formula to be installed:
pcre 8.41 Perl compatible regular expressions library

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require swig to be installed:
partio 1.1.0 Particle library for 3D graphics
valabind 1.4.0 Vala bindings for radare, reverse engineering framework
alot 0.6 Text mode MUA using notmuch mail
med-file 3.2.0_1 Modeling and Data Exchange standardized format
simpleitk 1.0.1 Simplified layer built on top of ITK
gpgme 1.10.0 Library access to GnuPG
trilinos 12.10.1_5 Solution of large-scale, multi-physics problems
astrometry-net 0.73 Automatic identification of astronomical images
onepass 0.2.1_1 Command-line interface for 1Password
osc 0.162.1 The command-line interface to work with an Open Build Service
binwalk 2.1.1_4 Searches a binary image for embedded files and executable code
scipy 1.0.0_2 Software for mathematics, science, and engineering
ldns 1.7.0_1 DNS library written in C
shogun 6.1.3 Large scale machine learning toolbox
radare2 2.3.0 Reverse engineering framework
saltstack 2017.7.3 Dynamic infrastructure communication bus
gnuradio 3.7.11_2 SDK providing the signal processing runtime and processing blocks
bro 2.5.3 Network security monitor
gdcm 2.8.4_2 Grassroots DICOM library and utilities for medical files
mapserver 7.0.7 Publish spatial data and interactive mapping apps to the web

Recent formula history

ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
ilovezfs swig: use full path to ruby in the test
FX Coudert swig: drop universal
Daniel Vollmer swig 3.0.12
Tom Schoonjans swig 3.0.11

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