General-purpose lossless data-compression library
https://zlib.net/ This formula is keg-only.

Current version

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require zlib to be installed:
shogun 6.0.0 Large scale machine learning toolbox
kissplice 2.4.0-p1 Local transcriptome assembler for SNPs, indels and AS events
freebayes 1.1.0_1 Bayesian variant discovery and genotyping
lighter 1.1.1_1 Fast and memory-efficient sequencing error corrector
maq 0.7.1_1 Builds assembly by mapping short reads to reference sequences
openfst 1.6.3 Open-source library for working with weighted finite-state transducers.
openmeeg 2.4-rc Package for low-frequency bio-electromagnetism forward models
parsnp 1.2_1 Microbial core genome alignment and SNP detection
sortmerna 2.1 SortMeRNA: filter metatranscriptomic ribosomal RNA
tamarin-prover 1.2.2 Automated security protocol verification tool
analysis 0.8.8_4 Programs for the (pre-NGS-era) analysis of population-genetic data.
quaff 0.1.1_3 Pair HMM for aligning FASTQ to FASTA reference
tbl2asn 25.6 Automates the submission of sequence records to GenBank
vsearch 2.6.2 USEARCH-compatible metagenomic sequence tool
ticcutils 0.17 Tools for the TiCC Software Stack
arcs 1.0.1 Scaffold genome sequence assemblies using 10x Genomics data
circlator 1.5.3 Tool to circularize genome assemblies
fasta 36.3.8
last 916 Find similar regions between sequences
sllib 1.4.5
soplex 3.1.0 The Sequential object-oriented simPlex
notmuch 0.26.1 Thread-based email index, search, and tagging

Recent formula history

Mike McQuaid zlib: use *_by_macos.
ilovezfs zlib: use assert_predicate instead of File.exist?
Viktor Szakats zlib: secure url(s)
Mike McQuaid zlib: import homebrew/dupes into core.

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