Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

ace-window 0.9.0 Faster window switching in Emacs
ack-emacs 1.5 Emacs interface to Ack-like tools
ada-mode 5.3.1 Emacs major mode for editing Ada sources
adaptive-wrap 0.5.1 Emacs minor mode for smart soft-wrapping
adjust-parens 3.0 Emacs minor mode for indenting Lisp and Clojure
ag-emacs 0.47 Emacs front-end to ag (the silver searcher)
aggressive-indent 1.8.3 Emacs minor mode to keep code always indented
ahungry-emacs 1.8.0 Bright and bold color theme for Emacs
all-emacs 1.0 Emacs package to edit all lines matching a given regexp
android-mode 0.5.0 Emacs minor mode for Android application development
ansi-emacs 0.4.1 Emacs library to convert strings into ANSI
ansible-doc 0.4 Ansible documentation lookup for Emacs
anzu-mode 0.62 Emacs minor mode for numbering search results
applescript-mode 580 Emacs major mode for editing AppleScript
ascii-art-to-unicode 1.11 Convert ASCII line art to Unicode line art
assess-emacs 0.4 Test support functions for Emacs
async-emacs 1.9.2 Emacs library for asynchronous processing
auctex 11.90 Emacs package for writing and formatting TeX
aumix-mode 7 Emacs major mode for controlling aumix in a buf
auto-complete 1.5.1 Autocompletion extension for Emacs
auto-overlays 0.10.9 Emacs library for creating overlays based on regular expressions
avy 0.4.0 Emacs library for navigating text via trees