Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

caps-lock-emacs 1.0 Caps lock as an Emacs minor mode
cargo-mode 0.4.1 Emacs Minor Mode for Cargo, Rust's Package Manager.
chess-emacs 2.0.4 Chess module for Emacs
cider 0.15.0 Clojure IDE for Emacs
circe 2.5 Emacs IRC client
cl-generic 0.3 Forward compatibility library for Emacs 24 and below
cl-lib 0.6.1 Compatibility library for Emacs 24's cl-lib
cloc-emacs HEAD LOC-counting functions for Emacs
clojure-mode 5.6.1 Emacs major mode for Clojure
coffee-mode 0.6.3 Emacs major mode for CoffeeScript
commander-emacs 0.7.0 Emacs command-line parser
company-mode 0.9.4 Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs
context-coloring 8.1.0 Emacs mode to color JS and Elisp code by scope
crisp 1.3.4 Emacs emulator for CRiSP/Brief
csharp-mode 0.9.0 Major mode for editing C# code
csv-mode 1.6 Emacs major mode for editing delimited-field files
cython-mode 0.25.2 Emacs major mode for Cython