Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

easy-kill 0.9.3 Replacement for kill-ring-save in Emacs
ediprolog 1.2 Emacs functions for interacting with SWI-Prolog
editorconfig-emacs 0.7.10 EditorConfig plugin for emacs
el-mock 1.25.1 Tiny mock and stub framework in Emacs Lisp
el-x 0.3.1 Emacs Lisp extensions
eldoc-eval 1.1 Package for eldoc support when minibuffer is in use
electric-spacing 5.0 Emacs minor mode for smart spacing around operators
elfeed 2.2.0 Feed reader for Emacs
elisp-bug-hunter 1.3.1 Emacs library for debugging configuration files
elisp-slime-nav 0.9 Slime-style navigation of Emacs Lisp
emmet-mode 1.0.8 Emacs mode for writing HTML with the Emmet syntax
enwc 1.0 The Emacs Network Client
epl 0.8 package.el API
epoch-view 0.0.1 Emacs minor mode to convert Unix epoch times
ert-runner 0.7.0_1 Opinionated ERT testing workflow
evil 1.2.12 Extensible vi layer for Emacs
exec-path-from-shell 1.11 Import environment variables into Emacs