Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

m-buffer 0.15 List oriented buffer operations for Emacs
magit 2.11.0 Emacs interface for Git
markchars 0.2.0 Emacs modes for marking special characters
markdown-mode 2.3 Major mode for editing Markdown files
mastodon-mode 0.7.0 Client and major mode for Mastodon
memory-usage-emacs 0.2 Tools for analyzing Emacs' memory usage
metar-emacs 0.3 Emacs package for accessing METAR weather info
minibuffer-line 0.1 Emacs package to display information in the minibuffer
minimap-emacs 1.2 Emacs minor mode for sidebar displays of buffers
minitest-emacs 0.8.0 Minor mode for interacting with minitest within Emacs
mmm-mode 0.5.4 Enable Multiple Major Modes in Emacs buffers
mocha-emacs 1.1 Minor mode for running Mocha tests
mocker 0.3.1 Simple mocking framework for Emacs
multiple-cursors 1.4.0 Multiple cursors for Emacs
muse 3.20 Authoring and publishing environment for Emacs