Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

s-emacs 1.11.0 Emacs string manipulation library
scroll-restore 1.0 Emacs minor mode to restore point after scrolling
scss-mode 0.5.0 Major mode for editing .scss files in Emacs
seq 2.20 Sequence manipulation library for Emacs
shell-pop 0.63 Easier shell access in Emacs
shut-up 0.3.2 Emacs package to reduce verbosity
simple-httpd 1.4.6 Extensible Emacs HTTP 1.1 server
sisu-mode 7.1.8 Emacs major mode for editing SiSU markup
skewer-mode 1.7.0 Emacs mode for live web development
slime 2.20 Emacs package for interactive programming in Lisp
smartparens 1.10.1 Minor mode for Emacs that deals with parens pairs
smex 3.0 Adds Ido completions to Emacs' M-x
sml-mode 6.7 Emacs major mode for editing Standard ML
soap-client-emacs 3.1.3 Emacs SOAP client
sokoban-emacs 1.4.6 Emacs version of Sokoban
solarized-emacs HEAD The Solarized color scheme for Emacs
sotlisp 1.6.2 Emacs minor mode for writing Emacs Lisp faster
spinner-emacs 1.7.3 Emacs library for spinners and progress bars
suggest-emacs 0.4 Emacs package for discovering functions
swiper 0.9.1 Emacs isearch with an overview