Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-emacs.

w3 4.0.49 Emacs web browser
wcheck-mode 2016.1.30 General-purpose text-checker interface for Emacs
web-completion-data 0.2 Completion data for ac-html and company-web
web-mode 15 Emacs major mode for editing web templates
web-server-emacs 0.1.1 Emacs Lisp webserver
websocket-emacs 1.8 Emacs Lisp WebSocket library
wgrep 2.1.10 Writeable grep buffers for Emacs
which-key 3.0.2 Emacs package for displaying available keybindings
windresize 0.1 Interactively resize windows in Emacs
wisi 1.1.6 Indentation/navigation in Emacs using a LALR parser
wpuzzle 1.1 Emacs word search game