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LDAP authentication module for nginx

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Denis DenisovUse formula object pkgshare (#187)
Denis Denisovnginx-auth-ldap: kvspb/nginx-auth-ldap@8517bb0
Denis Denisovnginx-auth-ldap: kvspb/nginx-auth-ldap@d0f2f82
Baptiste Fontaineauth-ldap-nginx-module: bottle unneeded
Denis DenisovAdd descriptions and brew audit
Denis Denisovnginx-auth-ldap fixed linking lber
Denis Denisovkvspb/nginx-auth-ldap@928856a #93
Denis Denisovrequire "formula" is now unnecessary
Denis DenisovHomebrew formula moved to a subdirectory
Denis DenisovUse double quotes everywhere
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