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HTTP(S) server, reverse proxy, IMAP/POP3 proxy server

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nginx-full requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Denis Denisovnginx 1.11.12 (devel)
Denis Denisovnginx 1.11.11 (devel)
Denis Denisovmail-ssl, stream-ssl, stream-ssl-preread (#257)
Denis Denisovngx_stream_ssl_preread_module
Denis Denisovnginx 1.10.3 (stable)
Korry Lukenginx 1.11.9 (devel) (#247)
Denis Denisovnginx-full 1.11.8 (mainline/devel)
Denis Denisovnginx-full 1.11.7 (mainline/devel)
Denis Denisovnginx-full 1.11.6 (mainline/devel)
Korry Lukenginx-full 1.10.2 (#226)
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