Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-php.

php55-mongodb 1.3.4 MongoDB driver for PHP.
php55-mosquitto 0.4.0 A wrapper for the Mosquitto MQTT client library for PHP.
php55-msgpack 0.5.7 MessagePack serialization
php55-mustache 0.7.2 Mustache PHP Extension
php55-mysqlnd_ms 1.5.2 Replication and load balancing plugin for mysqlnd
php55-oauth 1.2.3 OAuth 1.0 consumer and provider
php55-opcache 5.5.38 OPcache improves PHP performance
php55-parsekit 1.3.0 PHP Opcode Analyser
php55-pcntl 5.5.38 Process Control support
php55-pdflib 3.0.4 Creating PDF on the fly with the PDFlib library
php55-pdo-dblib 5.5.38 A unified Sybase-DB style driver for PDO
php55-pdo-pgsql 5.5.38 A unified PostgreSQL driver for PDO
php55-phalcon 3.3.0 Full-stack PHP framework
php55-pimple 3.0.0 Pimple is a simple PHP Dependency Injection Container.
php55-pinba 1.1.0-dev.7e7cd25 PHP extension for Pinba monitoring server
php55-proctitle 0.1.2 Allows setting the current process name on Linux and BSD.
php55-propro 1.0.2 Reusable split-off of pecl_http's property proxy API.
php55-protobuf 0.10 Fast PHP Protocol Buffers implementation
php55-pspell 5.5.38 Extension to check the spelling
php55-pthreads 2.0.10 Threading API
php55-qr 0.4.0 QR Code generator extension.
php55-raphf 1.0.4 A reusable split-off of pecl_http's persistent handle and resource factory API.
php55-rdkafka 1.0.0 PHP extension for Apache Kafka (php-rdkafka)
php55-redis 3.1.4 PHP extension for Redis
php55-redland Redland RDF Libraries for PHP
php55-riak 1.2.0 Riak client for PHP.
php55-runkit 5e179e9 Extension to modify consts/functions/classes
php55-scrypt 1.2 A PHP wrapper fo the scrypt hashing algorithm
php55-snappy 0.1.0 Snappy Extension for PHP
php55-snmp 5.5.38 SNMP core php extension