Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-php.

php71-ssh2 1.1.2 Provides bindings to the functions of libssh2
php71-stats 2.0.1 Extension with routines for statistical computation.
php71-swoole 2.0.7-stable Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking engine for PHP.
php71-tidy 7.1.13_18 Tidy HTML clean and repair utility
php71-timecop 1.2.10 timecop is providing "time travel" capabilities.
php71-timezonedb 2017.2 Timezone Database to be used with PHP's date & time functions
php71-trader 0.4.0 Technical Analysis for traders
php71-translit 0.6.2 transliterates non-latin character sets to latin
php71-uopz 5.0.2 Exposes Zend Engine functionality.
php71-uuid 1.0.4 UUID extension
php71-uv 0.1.1 interface to libuv library
php71-v8js 1.4.1 PHP extension for Google's V8 Javascript engine
php71-xdebug 2.5.5 Provides debugging and profiling capabilities.
php71-xdiff 2.0.1 File differences and patches
php71-xmldiff 1.1.2 XML diff and merge
php71-xxtea 1.0.11 XXTEA encryption algorithm extension for PHP.
php71-yac 2.0.1 Fast shared memory user data cache for PHP
php71-yaf 3.0.4 PHP framework similar to zend framework built as PHP extension
php71-yaml 2.0.0 YAML-1.1 parser and emitter
php71-zmq 1.1.3 ZeroMQ for PHP
php72 7.2.1_12 PHP Version 7.2
php72-amqp 1.9.3_1 Communicates with any AMQP 0-9-1 compatible server.
php72-apcu 5.1.8_1 APC User Cache
php72-apcu-bc 1.0.3_1 APC User Cache - BC
php72-ast 0.1.5_1 Exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree
php72-blitz 0.10.2 Blitz, the fasted template engine for PHP!
php72-couchbase 2.4.3 Provides fast access to documents stored in a Couchbase Server.
php72-ds 1.2.4 Data Structures for PHP
php72-ev 1.0.3 interface to libev library
php72-event 2.2.1_1 Provides interface to libevent library