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A unified PostgreSQL driver for PDO

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php54-pdo-pgsql requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Andy BlylerRevert "php 5.5.34"
Andy Blylerphp 5.5.34
Andreas BraunAdd description for pdo-pgsql formula
Andy Blylerfix style issues
Andy Blylerregenerate bottles for php54 and core extensions
Andy Blylercreate bottle for php54-pdo-pgsql
Andy BlylerRemove bottles for php5[4-6] core formulas
Alan Iveyphp54-{intl,mcrypt,pcntl,pdo-{dblib,pgsql},pspell,tidy}: remove old bottle definitions
Alan Iveyphp54-*: small changes to formulas that bump with major PHP version to build [new] bottles
Jack NagelMove abstract classes out of Formula directory
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