Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-science.

dadadodo 1.04
daligner 1.0 DALIGNER: Find all significant local alignments between reads
data-science-toolbox 077c94f
dazz_db 1.0 DAZZ_DB: The Dazzler Data Base
dealii 8.5.1_2 Open source finite element library
deeplearning4j-cli 0.4-rc3.8 Command-line interface for Deeplearning4j
delly 0.7.7_4 Structural variant discovery by paired-end and split-read analysis
des 5.0.1 Datalog Educational System
dextractor 1.0_4 DEXTRACTOR: Bax File Decoder and Data Compressor
dgtal 0.9.3_2 Digital Geometry Tools and Algorithms
dida 1.0.1_2 Distributed Indexing Dispatched Alignment
discovar 52488 Genome variant caller using Illumina reads
discovardenovo 52488 Large genome assembler
dl_poly_classic 1.9_1 General purpose molecular dynamics simulation package
dotwrp 1.1_2
ds9 7.3.2_1 Astronomical imaging and data visualization
dsk 2.1.0 Low memory k-mer counting software
dssp 3.0.0 Secondary structure assignments for the Protein Data Bank
dwgsim 0.1.12
dynare 4.5.3 Platform for economic models, particularly DSGE and OLG models