Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-science.

fann 2.2.0
fasta 36.3.8
fastml 3.1_1 Probabilistic reconstruction of ancestral sequences using ML
fastq-tools 0.8
fasttree 2.1.10 Approximately-maximum-likelihood phylogenetic trees
fastuniq 1.1
fastx_toolkit 0.0.14_1 Process short-read FASTA/FASTQ sequencing files
fcgene 1.0.7
fermi 1.1
fermi2 0.1
fermikit 0.13 Assembly-based variant calling for Illumina reads
fgsl 1.2.0_3 Fortran bindings for the GNU Scientific Library
flash 1.2.11 Merge mates from overlapping fragments
flexbar 3.0.3 Flexible barcode and adapter removal
flint 2.5.2_1 C library for number theory
flux-simulator 1.2.1
fplll 5.2.0 Lattice algorithms using floating-point arithmetic
fqzcomp 4.6
freebayes 1.1.0_1 Bayesian variant discovery and genotyping
freec 11.0 Copy number and genotype annotation in whole genome/exome sequencing data
fsa 1.15.9
fwdpp 0.5.7_2 C++ template library for forward-time population genetic simulations