Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-science.

g2o 2017-07-30 General Framework for Graph Optimization
gaemr 1.0.1
galfit 3.0.5
galib 247
galsim 1.3.0_2 The modular galaxy image simulation toolkit
gap 4.8.9 System for computational discrete algebra
garli 2.01_2 genetic algorithm for rapid likelihood inference of phylogenies
gatb 1.1.0 Genome Analysis Toolbox for de Bruijn graphs
gatk 3.6 Genome Analysis Toolkit: Variant Discovery in High-Throughput Sequencing
geant4 10.3.3 Simulation toolkit for particle transport through matter
geda-gaf 1.8.2_2 Toolkit of electronic design automation tools
geneid 1.4.4 Predict genes in anonymous genomic sequences
genet 1.2
genewise 2.4.1_1 Aligns proteins or protein HMMs to DNA
getdp 2.11.1_3 Open source finite element solver using mixed elements.
gfan 0.6.2 Computes Gröbner fans and tropical varieties
ggobi 2.1.11 A visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data
giira 01.3
gingr 1.2
glimmer3 3.02b
glimmerhmm 3.0.4
glpk448 4.48_1 Library for Linear Programming
gmap-gsnap 2017-01-14 Genomic Mapping & Alignment Program for RNA/EST/Short-read sequences
gmcloser 1.6
gmtk 1.4.4 The Graphical Models Toolkit for prototyping dynamic graphical models
gnuastro 0.5 Programs and libs for manipulation and analysis of astronomical data
gnudatalanguage 0.9.7_4 Free and open-source IDL/PV-WAVE compiler
grabix 0.1.6 Tool for random access into BGZF files
graph-tool 2.26_1 efficient network analysis
graphlan 1.0 Render circular taxonomic and phylogenetic trees