Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-science.

sailfish 0.10.1_1 Rapid mapping-based RNA-Seq isoform quantification
sais 2.4.1
sally 1.0.0
salmon 0.8.2 Transcript-level quantification from RNA-seq reads
salt 2.4_1
sambamba 0.6.6 Tools for working with SAM/BAM data
samblaster 0.1.24 Tool to mark duplicates in SAM files
samtools 1.5 Tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data
samtools@0.1 0.1.20 Tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data
sara 1.13 Reachability analysis in petri nets
sbagen 1.4.5
scamp 2.0.4_1
scarpa 0.241
scotch 6.0.4_4 Graph/mesh/hypergraph partitioning, clustering, and ordering
scotch5 5.1.12b_1
scram 0.15.0_1 Probabilistic Risk Analysis Tool
sdsl-lite 2.1.1_1 Succinct Data Structure Library 2.0
seq-gen 1.3.3
seqan 2.3.2 C++ library of sequence algorithms and data structures
seqdb 0.2.1 High-throughput compression of FASTQ data
seqtk 1.2 Toolkit for processing sequences in FASTA/Q formats
sequel 1.0.2 Improving the Accuracy of Genome Assemblies
sextractor 2.19.5
sfscode 20140719 Population genetics simulator
sga 0.10.15 De novo genome assembler based on the concept of string graphs
shark 3.1.4_2 Machine leaning library
shogun 6.0.0 Large scale machine learning toolbox
shrimp 2.2.3
sickle 1.33
sigrok-cli 0.7.0 Command-line client for sigrok