Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

Current versions

Revision: 2

blast requires the following formulae to be installed:
freetype 2.9 Software library to render fonts
gnutls 3.5.18 GNU Transport Layer Security (TLS) Library
lzo 2.10 Real-time data compression library
pcre 8.42 Perl compatible regular expressions library

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require blast to be installed:
mlst 2.8 Multi-Locus Sequence Typing of microbial contigs
anvio 3 Analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data.
cegma 2.5 Core eukaryotic genes mapping approach
simulate-pcr 1.2 Predicts amplicon products from single or multiplex primers
unicycler 0.4.3 Hybrid assembly pipeline for bacterial genomes
orthofinder 2.1.2 Accurate inference of orthologous gene groups made easy
atram 1.3.0 Automated target restricted assembly method

Recent formula history

Viktor Szakats blast: secure urls
Michka Popoff blast: remove jpeg and png dependencies
なつき blast: Remove fails_with :gcc => "5"
Michka Popoff blast: revision for hdf5
Michka Popoff blast 2.6.0

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