C library for high-throughput sequencing data formats Formula was removed
Last versions were
htslib requires the following formulae to be installed:
xz 5.2.3 General-purpose data compression with high compression ratio
bzip2 1.0.6_1 Freely available high-quality data compressor
zlib 1.2.11 General-purpose lossless data-compression library
curl 7.58.0 Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP server

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require htslib to be installed:
reapr 1.0.18_2 Evaluates accuracy of a genome assembly using mapped paired end reads
wiggletools 1.2.2_1 Compute genome-wide statistics with composable iterators
ococo Ococo, the first online consensus caller
trinity 2.5.1 RNA-Seq de novo assembler

Recent formula history

Michka Popoff htslib: migrate to homebrew/core (#6366)
Torsten Seemann htslib 1.6
Torsten Seemann htslib 1.5
Carlos Borroto htslib: Added configure with --enable-libcurl
ilovezfs htslib 1.4.1

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