Libraries and data formats for array-oriented scientific data Formula was removed
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netcdf requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.11.1 Cross-platform make

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require netcdf to be installed:
dealii 8.5.1_2 Open source finite element library
trilinos 12.10.1_5 Solution of large-scale, multi-physics problems
cmor 3.3.0 Climate Model Output Rewriter for producing CF-compliant netCDF files
radx 20171016 Software package for radial radar data
moab 5.0.0 Mesh-Oriented datABase for evaluating mesh data

Recent formula history

Michka Popoff netcdf: migrate to homebrew/core
Michka Popoff netcdf: revision for hdf5
ilovezfs netcdf: rewrite @rpath to make system Python happy
Geoffrey Oxberry netcdf
ilovezfs netcdf: revision for hdf5

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