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Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require openblas to be installed:
sundials 2.7.0_2 Nonlinear and differential/algebraic equations solver
mfem 3.3 Free, lightweight, scalable C++ library for FEM.
cminpack 1.3.6 Solves nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems
armadillo 7.800.2 C++ linear algebra library
dlib 19.4 C++ library for machine learning
scalapack 2.0.2_8 high-performance linear algebra for distributed memory machines
hypre 2.11.1_1 Library featuring parallel multigrid methods for grid problems
ipopt 3.12.5_2 Large-scale nonlinear optimization package
superlu 5.2.1_2 Solve large, sparse nonsymmetric systems of equations
mumps 5.0.2_1 Parallel Sparse Direct Solver
gmsh 2.16.0_1 3D finite element grid generator with CAD engine
p4est 1.1_3 Dynamic management of a collection (a forest) of adaptive octrees in parallel
pastix Parallel solver for sparse linear systems based on direct methods
plink2 1.90b3_1
qr_mumps 1.2_2 Parallel sparse QR factorization
mad-x 5.02.13_1 Methodical Accelerator Design
superlu43 4.3_3 Solve large sparse nonsymmetric systems of equations
qrupdate 1.1.2_5

Formula history

FX Coudert openblas: revision for gcc
Michka Popoff openblas 0.2.19
Miguel Araújo openblas: use rebuild instead of revision
ilovezfs Revert "Use Ruby 1.9+ symbol hash keys in all formulae." (#4345)
JCount Use Ruby 1.9+ symbol hash keys in all formulae. (#4339)
Dominique Orban openblas: specify C compiler
Shaun Jackman openblas: Fix library symlinks
Dominique Orban openblas: fix symbolic links
Shaun Jackman openblas: update 0.2.18 bottle for Linuxbrew.
Sinclair Sun OpenBLAS: version bumped to v0.2.18, added OpenMP build option
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